Google Tools

I’m delighted to discover how useful Google Maps can be.  I enjoyed seeing a photo of my house from the summer and then zoomed over to see my neighbor’s house too.  Then I looked at the Wilmette Library on Google Maps and enjoyed seeing a map of the neighborhood, and zoomed in and out of that.   Moreover, there were nice photos of landmarks like the Baha’i Temple, and places to eat at.  This tool makes it  easy to explore a new neighborhood.   The photos are fun.

Google News is really cool.  Having aggregated headlines is a fantastic way to read about a big event, while getting many viewpoints,  including local sources in the places the events happen in. I like being able to view the top ten news stories so easily.   I really appreciate this tremendous information resource, and patrons can use it for research.  I also put in my local zipcode and found out information on snow conditions in Skokie.   Nice to have a local news source too. 

I’m not a big fan of online shopping.  I have too much fun going to malls.  But I do like to get discount books at 

I looked at Google Book Search for collections of poetry, hoping to print out a poem or two, and was disappointed to find that many poems are copyrighted and are unavailable for printing.  This is so despite the fact that the poets are long gone.  I’m guessing that there are some poetry collections that can be printed if I keep trying.  Having said this, it is still nice to be able to read a huge amount of poetry online for those folk who cannot go to the library.  They can read other types of books besides from Google Books.    That’s wonderful!  It’s easy to use, for table of contents and chapters are  easily clicked on.


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Libraries and Wikis

This wiki topic is new for me as the only wiki I’ve ever used has been the Wikipedia, which I like quite a lot although realizing it may not always be accurate, and should not be recommended to young patrons.  I was amazed to discover “Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki” and the “Blogging Libraries Wiki” for it gives one the ability to instantly find a huge amount of information.  For example, from the “Blogging Libraries Wiki”  I looked at a long list of libraries that have blogs and clicked on the Hennepin County Library system, discovering that patrons create their own book lists on that site and can even add photos of themselves!  Amusingly, one patron had a list of DVD’s which was only “Dr. Who” movies.  Having patrons create their own book or movie lists could be a nice idea for our library.  Wikis are a great vehicle for folk to share information with each other.

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Online Chatting

So I had my first experience with Instant Messaging.  It was exciting!  I liked getting messages back from Brandee at Park Ridge Public Library.  I asked her about finding parking meters downtown and she told me of two websites, but the first was for parking garages while the second, had the information I wanted.   She was very polite and waited until I clicked on the websites to see if she provided the information I wanted.  There was a transcript of our conversation provided, but I didn’t need anything emailed to me as I just wrote down the sites.  Terrific! Now, I can be like my teens who chat on Facebook all the time. Just kidding or JK.

My favorite acronyms include ones I’ve already known and have used in my emails:  gtg (that’s a great one to end an email with), or B4N, is a new one I’ve just learned.  I also like LOL because my teens use it often in their Facebook messages and it’s funny.  OMG is another nice expression of Wow!  I see the Pooh Bear expression “ta ta for now” on the list,  as in ttfn, so how about that! 

I would suggest IM and Ask Away to patrons who are sophisticated enough to type and know how to ask their questions, and are able to process the answers.  Younger, more immature children would be better off having a person show them how to find information.  Some people need more guidance from a person than the chat can give them.  It’s good for the self-directed person however.  And too, it is nice to have a resource where you can ask a question privately and some do prefer this privacy.

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Podcasts from NPR

I’m a big fan of NPR for it is a daily resource of information  and I really like listening to radio!  While I enjoy keeping up with the daily news on NPR, another great source of delight is “All Things Considered’ which has short pieces on writers, entertainers, interesting folk, etc.  But what is also so neat to realize, is that one can hear NPR pieces from previous days as a podcast.  The site is easy to navigate and I would recommend going to this link to download a podcast.  Take a listen to the podcast of “Remembrances” by Cheryl Corley about the late, eminent legendary Studs Terkel, just after he passed away on October 31st. It’s nice to hear him talking on this podcast.

Find it at:

I am very happy that I can listen to podcasts of radio shows I’ve missed on my computer!

Libraries can create their own podcasts of patrons or staff members talking about nice things about the library, to inspire patrons to use the library more effectively, as an education tool, and as a library commercial, if you will.  Podcasts can be useful for recommending books also.

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Wilmette’s Online Resources

I’m always in awe of the powerful online tools we can use on our Wilmette library website to retrieve information both for ourselves and our patrons.  How lucky we are.  NoveList is absolutely great for helping me to give reader’s advisory help to patrons for finding a book on a genre they like.  It’s so fine that we can get help that goes beyond IBISTRO search terms although that resource is helpful too.  Plus, I’ve told folk who are big readers to go to NoveList for good book tips.  I’ve used NoveList often to find interesting books for my son’s voracious reading habit (a book a day).  I like the way it links to our catalog too.  I’ve used Consumer Checkbook to find myself a Skokie plumber and guess what?  It worked!  Unfortunately, I’ve had to call this same plumber over 5 times in the last two years too.   I looked up my birthdate in the Chicago Tribune Historical Database and found an article where they worry about inflation.  Hmmm.  We’re perhaps facing the opposite problem – deflation – today.

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Don Knotts is hilarious in his classic movies, as in the “Ghost and Mr. Chicken”

Take a look at a very nervous Don Knotts giving a speech in front on his townfolk while to his horror, his written speech blows away, so he must overcome his shyness and continue talking.  It’s funny and poignant in the way it depicts an earlier time in American small town life.  Don Knotts portrays the average Joe who suceeds in spite of himself in many of his best movies.

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Water lilies

Water lilies

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It is really cool to be able to put this lovely photo of lilies on my blog! I look forward to putting my own photos on my blog in the future.

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Funny Movies

My favorite movies tend to be comedies although I must admit that many of them are not especially deep.  But I do love to laugh.  I’m always looking for new comedies that are not too stupid – but they can be kind of dumb.  I’ve enjoyed many movies that featured actors like  Adam Sandler, Hugh Grant,  Don Knotts, Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton, Kathy Bates, and Steve Carrell.  Do you have some favorite funny movies or funny actors to recommend?

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When I was growing up, I was only aware of a few movies coming to the theaters each year.  Now, there are so many movies being made.  How can one find the time to see even a small amount of them?

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Hello readers.

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